We’ve all been there. Scratching our heads in front of a blank screen, grappling with words which have lost all meaning. It’s time to step away. Go on, hand it over.

Top quality content is what will put your brand ahead of the curve. I can help. The most successful brands are the ones who talk, and I can get you talking. In 2015, a successful brand needs content crossing multiple platforms and, luckily for you, I’m multi-talented.

As a freelancer, I can offer a fresh take. I’m here to offer a new pair of eyes to see strengths where you’ve forgotten them. To capture your ethos, aim, products and services in succinct, snappy words. No trouble at all.


CopyStorm is a web copywriting company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It’s run by me, Lil. Digital content is my specialist subject. I’ve been blogging for over 15 years, Tweeting for seven. Tumbling, Pinning, Vineing and Instagramming too.

I can cover your brand’s every written need. Straight up web copy packed full of personality? No problem. I can help you shape your online identity by building you a community you can be proud of. I’ll use my social media skills to get you interacting with, and learning from, your customers. I can freshen up the words you already have, or develop a whole new voice from scratch. No matter what the project size, I’ll give your copy the time and attention it needs to jump right off the screen. Trust me, writing words online is what I’m good at. And I can prove it.

Like I said, I’m Lil. My real areas of expertise cover food, lifestyle and beauty, though my experience extends to money-saving, fashion, travel and much more. Why do I do what I do? Well, I’ve grown up in a world where digital content is important. My personal blog, Whip Until Fluffy, covers everything from recipes and decorating tips to how to stay inspired in the kitchen. My readers keep coming back, and my SEO skills mean I attract new views everyday. Alongside that, over 2300 people like what I have to say in 140 characters or less. What can I do for you? Let me walk you through the options…

If you’re looking for any of the following, I’m your girl:

  • a copywriter to help you develop a voice for your brand or website
  • a grammar enthusiast to edit or proof read your work
  • a community manager to take care of your social media and build your following
  • an experienced blogger to help you create engaging and evocative content
  • a creative consultant to give you advice on strategy, creation and maintenance of content across multiple platforms
  • an experienced cook and food blogger to develop recipes for, style and photograph your products

Copywriting and editing services start from £200 per day. Don’t need that long? Hire me by the hour instead from £28 a pop. If you’ve got something bigger in mind, let’s work out a project price.

Don’t sweat it, there are plenty of options and each quote will be tailored to your exact needs. I can work alone or as part of team to bring you a fast turnaround on your brief with delivery to deadlines you can rely on.


“Working with Lil is pretty awesome! Her copywriting skills and wealth of knowledge on social media is top notch! She’s been a huge asset to the content team since starting with PCUK and always full of new and interesting ideas.”

- Shem Douglas, Content Manager at PromotionalCodes.org.uk      

“Lil has written for the Ties Planet blog since late 2012. It is important we have interesting content and Lil’s fun, creative yet professional writing style is perfect for engaging current and prospective customers. Lil always delivers to deadlines giving us the security that fresh content will be on our blog throughout the year.”

- Andrew Bragg, CEO at TiesPlanet.com       

“Lil got to grasps with our brand instantly and was able to portray our message and values in exactly the way we wanted. She’s enabled our business to grow both online and offline whilst we dealt with the day-to-day running of the business and the time pressures this entailed. It was great to have an ‘outsider’ opinion offering advice and unique ideas and Lil met all our deadlines.”

- Paul Buckley, Creative Director at Riasca     


Since CopyStorm began, I’ve done everything from sourcing and editing the best money-saving discount codes to creating social strategies for international food companies. My clients range from small start-ups to big brands, and I love to work with both. I’ve written copy for Tesco, blogged for Funky Pigeon, and become a regular editor for ShopScoop – a money saving blog. Not to mention the two years of dedication to men’s accessories that has gone into the Ties Planet blog.

Through my personal blogs, I’ve collaborated and travelled with worldwide brands such as Aussie, Nokia, Spartoo and BANK.

Recent months have seen me develop, style, photograph and write 30 health-conscious breakfast recipes for Kelloggs.

Need more information? Check out @CopyStormTweets for regular updates, or just drop me a line through the channels below to request my portfolio.

Sound good? I think so too. Get in touch and we can talk things through. Call me on 07976485729 or Skype at Lil.CopyStorm

You can email me at lil@copystorm.co.uk

or find me at my desk at

Duke Studios
1st Floor Munro House
Duke Street
Leeds LS9 8AG

(Just drop me a line first, so I know you’re on your way!)